Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sienna Miller dragged into Sean Penn marriage split saga

Sienna MillerSexy Sienna Miller has been dragged into the Sean Penn marriage split saga.

Penn stunned friends and Hollywood insiders when he announced he was splitting from wife of 11 years Robin Wright, as it was assumed to be one of the most stable relationships in showbusiness.

Now British actress Sienna has been named as a possible factor in the shock split, which she insists is "outrageously untrue".

The New York Daily News insists Sienna was seen having a late night with Sean - sitting on his lap with her arm around his neck while dressed sexily.

The paper ran the story under the headline: "Penns split after Miller time."

Daily News columnists Rush and Molloy stated: "There's never a simple reason for a couple to part after 20 years.

"But if Sienna Miller didn't cause Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn to split up, some claim she may not have been a god influence.

"You wonder if the up-till-dawn scene might trouble a wife left home with two kids."

The paper based the report on a source's recollections from a party in a New York hotel where both actors were staying.

"Sienna was sitting on Sean's lap," according the source. "She was dressed very sexily. She had her arm around his neck."

That night, claims the source, they stayed up quite late. There was no date given for the alleged intimacy.

However, one close friend of Penn's insists there was never anything romantic. "Sienna is like that with everyone," says the friend. "She's very physical.

"She drapes herself over people she likes. She doesn't mean a lot by it."

Miller's rep insists that suggestions that the actress, now dating Rhys Ifans, was ever more than friends with Penn are "outrageously untrue".

The spokesperson added: "Sienna is a very good friend of Robin. She adores and respects Robin."

By Lee Brown, Jan 17 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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