Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pete Doherty impregnates Alex Ferguson’s goddaughter

Pete DohertyRocker Pete Doherty has gotten Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson's goddaughter pregnant, it has been revealed.

20-year-old Laura McLaughlin - Lola to her pals, claims she is three months pregnant by the drugs riddled rocker and the baby is due in June.

She said: "The baby is Peter's. There is no doubt about that.

"I was a virgin when I met Peter and when we had sex.

"He knows about the baby. I told him I was pregnant the moment I found out shortly after Christmas. We are only in contact by phone."

Lola - a straight-A student who has won a place at Harvard University to read law, is the daughter of Stephen and Helen McLaughlin.

They run a hugely successful roofing business in Scotland and have been close friends of Sir Alex for more than 20 years.

The 20-year-old still has not told her parents she is pregnant.

Lola revealed to Britain's News of The World newspaper that the pregnancy is the result of a sex-fueled weekend with the Babyshambles star in her room at the 5-star Berkeley Hotel in London's Knightsbridge in October.

She added: "I met Peter through mutual friends about a year ago.

"He has always been overly tactile with me, kissing my neck and inviting me home with him.

"He did not know I was a virgin, and I certainly didn't tell him. I think he just thought I was an inexperienced lover and he told me ‘purity' was a real turn-on for him.

"He was a very laid-back lover and very gentle with me. He wasn't into anything kinky or strenuous and that suited me down to the ground seeing as it was my first time having sex."

Lola claims that on her final night with the rock frontmam a condom split.

She said: "We continued to have sex regardless as it was the last condom we had.

"But our weekend together wasn't just about sex. We cuddled up to watch the movie Dirty Dancing together and we had many deep and meaningful conversations. It felt like Peter was my boyfriend.

"He told me he liked me because I was intelligent and straightforward as well as sweet and innocent. He said I was the opposite of Kate Moss. He led me to believe when we parted on the Sunday night, things weren't going to end there. But they did."

On December 27th, Lola claims that she was admitted to a London hospital after passing out.

She added:  "I have had ovarian problems and recently suffered a ruptured cyst. Initially I thought it was something to do with that but at the hospital I was told I was pregnant."

Lola says that when she called Doherty - who already has a four-year-old son with an ex-girlfriend, his first words were, "And you think it's mine?"

She added: "His apathy has been traumatic for me. I wanted the baby to be as big a deal to him as it was to me. But it wasn't. One minute he is excited and telling me, ‘How good-looking is our baby going to be?' the next minute he's saying, ‘You deal with it'."

Doherty's spokesman said: "Pete says he doesn't know who this girl is."

By Owen Williams, Jan 20 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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