Friday, January 18, 2008

Lindsay Lohan set to work in morgue

Lindsay LohanHollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan will have to work DEAD hard for her next community service stint.

The Mean Girls star is set to start work at a morgue as part of her punishment for her drink-driving conviction.

She will spend two days alongside the corpses, as well as working for two days in a hospital emergency room.

Lohan's latest role was revealed by her lawyer during a progress report on her drink-driving plea bargain.

Attorney Blair Berk appeared at Beverly Hills Superior Court on Thursday and updated the judge on the actress's sentence.

The hospital and morgue job is designed to show Lohan the real-life consequences of drinking and driving.

Lohan, 21, landed herself in hot water last year after she was arrested for driving under the influence twice in less than three months.

In May, the Georgia Rules star crashed her Mercedes into a tree on Sunset Boulevard, and in July she was stopped in Santa Monica after chasing her assistant's mother in a car.

Lohan was intoxicated on both occasions and pleaded no contest to reckless driving, being under the influence of cocaine and driving with a blood-alcohol level above .08 percent.

Under the terms of her plea deal, the actress was placed on 36 months probation and given a 24-hour jail sentence - of which she served just 84 minutes.

She was also told to complete an 18-month alcohol education programme and perform 10 days of community service.

Berk told the court that Lohan had spent two months in rehab and carried out a portion of her community service - including some work with the Red Cross.

She will now try her hands in a hospital emergency room and at a local morgue.

The star's legal team is due back in court on July 15 for another progress report.

By Owen Williams, Jan 18 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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