Friday, January 18, 2008

Kiefer Sutherland to be released from jail on Monday

Kiefer SutherlandActor Kiefer Sutherland is to be released from jail on Monday, it has been revealed.

Kiefer - who plays Jack Bauer on the television series '24,' was locked up on December 5 last year, for DUI and for violating probation.

The actor, 41, will be reunited with his family and friends after missing out on Christmas, New Year and his birthday.

Prison officer John Bailan said: "He'll be let out the front door just like everyone else. I have no idea who'll be picking him up."

During his time in Jail, Sutherland has reportedly been a "model prisoner," helping out in the kitchen, doing laundry duty, emptying rubbish bins, mopping up and serving food to his fellow inmates.

Bailan added: "Throughout his stay, he never griped and never complained. He never wanted preferential treatment from the get go, and we respect him for that."

Clad in an official orange jumpsuit, Kiefer has been spending his time alone in an eight by 10 foot cell but also has access to a day room complete with a television.

He only received visits from his attorney and his doctor, but has received "a ton" of fan mail since starting his sentence.

At the time of his arrest, Kiefer released a statement, apologizing to his legions on fans, saying: "I'm very disappointed in myself for the poor judgment I exhibited recently, and I'm deeply sorry for the disappointment and distress this has caused my family, friends and co-workers on '24 and at 20th Century Fox.

"I appreciate the support and concern that has been extended to me these last weeks both personally and professionally."

By Owen Williams, Jan 18 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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