Thursday, January 17, 2008

Morbidly obese cop denied benefits boost

Heavyweight cop Paul Soto was finally fired by the force after reaching an astonishing 36 STONE.

The New York officer lost his job because his "morbid obesity" meant he could not perform.

Amazingly he then SUED the NYPD, insisting it wasn't his obesity but a fall while working that lost his job.

His lawsuit was thrown out by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Judith Gische who had some tough words for the officer who weighs over 500lb. "There's no dispute that he is physically incapable of performing his duties as a police officer," Judge Gische said.

"He is morbidly obese, suffers from narcolepsy and is hypertensive."

When Soto joined the force in 1993 he weighed approximately 250 pounds. He is now 40, 5-foot-7 and over 500 pounds.

A former colleague said Soto's gun belt was an incredible 6 feet long, and his bosses would order him to take walks around the stationhouse for his own good. They would also have other officers shadow him to make sure he didn't pick up food along the way, he said.

"We're disappointed," said Soto's lawyer, Philip Seelig, who'd been fighting to get his client a big-bucks accidental disability pension from the department.

By Owen Williams, Jan 17 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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