Friday, January 18, 2008

Jeff Conaway breaks down on television and threatens to kill himself

Jeff ConwayGrease star Jeff Conaway  broke down on television and threatened to kill himself.

Jeff Conaway wept and screamed after going cold turkey on controversial reality show Celebrity Rehab.

The 57-year-old actor is battling an addiction to alcohol, painkillers and cocaine, with viewers watching his painful journey.

Conaway, known for his role as Kenickie in 1978 movie Grease, is one of nine stars taking part in Celebrity Rehab.

On the VH1 show the 'patients' lay their demons bare and undergo counseling from celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky.

In the latest episode broadcast in the US, Conaway was rushed to hospital after having a suspected bad reaction to treatment.

But doctors discovered a $20 bill rolled up in his pocket - with cocaine inside.

The actor, who was previously forced to quit Celebrity Fit Club because of his addictions, is shown lying unconscious in a hospital bed. When he comes round he is incoherent, in pain and clearly distressed.

And after arriving back at the rehab centre the Grease star is heard screaming in the toilet before threatening to commit suicide.

Ex-model Brigitte Nielson, actor Daniel Baldwin and former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra are among the 'Celebrity Rehab' patients.

Nielson, 44, is taking part in the show to kick a booze addiction, while 27-year-old Sierra wants to deal with alcohol and cocaine problems.

Baldwin, 47, is hoping to receive treatment for cocaine addiction.

Also taking part in the show are musician Seth Binzer, former wrestler Joanie Laurer, ex-Ultimate Fighting Champion Ricco Rodriguez, singer Shifty Shellshock and porn stars Mary Carey and Jaimee Foxworth.

By Owen Williams, Jan 18 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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