Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hugh Hefner wants the Olsen twins to pose for Playboy

Olsen TwinsHugh Hefner wants Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to pose for Playboy.

The 81-year-old men's magazine mogul - who originally asked the twins to model for him when they turned 18 three years ago - but was turned down - hopes the girls will accept his invitation to appear in a special June edition of his adult publication to mark their 22nd birthday.

A source said: "Hugh thinks the twins are every young man's fantasy. But it might not be that easy getting them agree to pose for Playboy. They're all about high-end fashion these days. They want to do Vogue."

The legendary lothario also wants Lindsay Lohan to appear in his magazine - and recreate Marilyn Monroe's famous naked swim from her 'Something's Got to Give' movie.

Lohan recently stripped off in a New York magazine shoot to pay homage to Monroe. The racy shoot proved so popular that the magazine's website crashed under the massive volume of hits.

Lohan, 21, paired with Monroe photographer Bert Stern to recreate the famous 1962 photo shoot of the blonde bombshell at the Bel Air hotel.

"Now we hear Lindsay is tempted to continue her nude homage to MM," Liz Smith wrote in the New York Post earlier this week.

"Playboy's Hugh Hefner has offered the young star the chance to re-create Marilyn's famed nude swim from the unfinished film 'Something's Got To Give.'"

By Owen Williams, Mar 01 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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