Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lindsay Lohan ‘back on track’

Lindsay LohanActress Lindsay Lohan has revealed that her last few years of turmoil - including car accidents, and multiple stints in rehab, have made her more focused on acting and singing than ever.

"My life was distracted by certain things and that got in the way of work," Lohan, 21, tells People magazine. "But now I'm back on track and figuring out what's next."

Speaking at the Paper Magazine and Diesel luncheon - where she is celebrating this month's cover story, Lindsay was accompanied by her DJ pal Samantha Ronson and Jeremy Scott, who added: "Lindsay and I have been talking about doing a shoot together for some time and we hadn't had the chance," said Scott, who shot the cover of this month's publication, featuring Lohan declaring "I am what I am".

"Everyone always shoots her in a very generic [way]. So we took her and put her on a set and let her act," he adds. "She's an actress for God sakes, and sometimes people forget that."

The 'Mean Girls' star is gearing up to start shooting the comedy Ye Olde Times with Jack Black and David Arquette. Plus, there's another album in the works.

But at the moment, Lohan is "recording right now [with] Motown and being in the studio again has been really great," she said of her "dance, hip-hop and R&B album," gushing, "It's all coming together."

By Owen Williams, Mar 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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