Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lily Allen ‘feels sorry’ for Cheryl Cole

Lily AllenLily Allen has revealed she no longer hates Cheryl Cole but actually feels sorry for her.

The outspoken TV presenter, who once branded the Girls Aloud singer a 'bitch', said the reason she hated her so much was because Cheryl was so attractive.

"A couple of years ago if I had read the stuff about Cheryl Cole, about Ashley cheating on her, I probably would have had a little laugh to myself," she said. "But now I actually feel really sorry for her."

And after admitting Cheryl Cole is beautiful, she said: "That's why I hated her so much. I've seen her in real life but I haven't spoken to her because she'd probably punch me."

The girls' slanging match hit the headlines last year when furious Lily said Cheryl was a 'stupid bitch' after the geordie singer called her a 'chick with a d*ck'. But now Lily has revealed she doesn't hate Cheryl any more because she has become a nicer woman.

"I've changed, I'm not a nasty person any more. I think I was deeply unhappy before and that's why I was so mean to people before, but now I'm a happy lady," she said.

Speaking on her evening chat show, Lily, 22, then admitted she had to make an emergency toilet break during a gig in Toronto.

"I knew I needed to do a poo whilst on stage," she revealed. "I got to the end of the set but it was before the encore and I ran off and went upstairs and I sat on the toilet and it wouldn't stop.

"I could hear the crowd going 'Lily, Lily' and I was sitting there like 'come on finish please' it was the most hellish experience I've ever had."

By Owen Williams, Mar 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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