Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Simon Cowell to turn Paul Potts’ rags to riches life into a Hollywood movie

Simon CowellSimon Cowell is turning opera sensation Paul Potts' rags to riches life into a Hollywood movie.

The American Idol judge will produce the film on former mobile phone salesman PavaPotty's rise to fame.

Potts, 37, wowed 'Britain's Got Talent' fans in 2007 as he sung his way to the title.

He beat Damon Scott, a ventriloquist who performs with a monkey puppet, for the top prize and a place in the Royal Variety Performance.

Cowell has admitted he was stunned by Potts' performance on the UK reality TV show.

"That particular day was one of the worst, the acts were just terrible, we were fed up and on comes this guy with a funny little suit and bad teeth who looked very nervous," Cowell told Daily Variety magazine.

"I can remember looking at the other judges, with that 'here we go again' feeling.

"We had 2,000 people in the audience, and I'll never forget how much the room changed when he began singing."

Cowell approached Paramount Pictures about the movie project, and they signed on after seeing clips of Potts on YouTube.

"Most of these calls result in absolutely nothing, but this company got that it's another 'Billy Elliot,' a story anyone in the world can understand," Cowell said. "This was his last chance, and he literally decided to enter based on the toss of a coin.

"And despite his success off the back of the show, the only difference I see in him is that he got his teeth fixed."

By Graeme Massie, Mar 04 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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