Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kate Beckinsale cannot cope with the fact that she’s famous

Kate BeckinsaleKate Beckinsale has admitted she cannot cope with the fact that she's famous.

The Underworld actress doesn't even think she's a star, she says in a new magazine interview. And she admits she would "go ugly" for a dream role - but not just to win an award.

She said: "I'm in complete denial about being a celebrity.

"I spend 80 per cent of my time in my kitchen and occasionally I'm wheeled out to pretend to be Kate Beckinsale for awards shows.

"I'm not at nightclubs every night but I'll take my kid hiking and several paparazzi will show up and it's like, 'What? I'm not shaving my head in public. You need to leave me alone.'"

She added: "I deal with it and haven't become an asshole because it occupies quite a small part of my life.

"I'm very good at not seeing people pointing and taking pictures; people I'm with are much more disturbed about it. I'm trying to work on becoming less polite."

Beckinsale, 34, recently moved to California, where she now lives with director husband Len Wiseman, and her nine-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Lily.

Asked what the biggest transition has been, she said: "Not being able to walk around. I've lived in London, New York, and Paris, and that's where I am comfortable.

"I have a very poor sense of direction, which is inconvenient, but it's actually borne fruit for me, wandering around discovering amazing places.

"I think I'd just wander around and discover getting mugged here; it's not quite the same feel."

And asked if she would ever "go ugly" for the chance of winning an Oscar, she said: "Not necessarily for an Oscar; I would for a great part.

"I don't think you can ever guarantee an Oscar nod. I think if you were doing it for that and you gained 300 pounds and you didn't get nominated, you'd be miserable, but if you really love the material it's worth it.

"I've gained 20 pounds, 25 pounds for [upcoming crime drama] Winged Creatures; bleached all my hair blonde, then it all fell out - I'm still dealing with it, but that's all part of the fun."

The actress tells the new issue of US lifestyle magazine, Los Angeles Confidential: "What I'd like to do is comedy; it's actually my favourite thing to do.

"I'm such a horrific snob about it that I hate most romantic comedies.

"I find them not funny, actually, and usually just romantic."

Beckinsale will next be seen on screen in Winged Creatures, starring opposite Forest Whitaker and Dakota Fanning.

The drama charts the bond formed between a group of random people after they survive a random shooting attack in a Los Angeles diner.

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