Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Amy Winehouse stubbed out a cigarette on her face

Amy WinehouseTroubled singer Amy Winehouse stubbed out a cigarette on her cheek -- which is likely the reason she has been sporting a rather nasty mark on her face this past week, it has been revealed.

The singer, 24, carried out the bizarre self-harming scene at a posh London restaurant -- in front of an army of stunned diners.

Amy was reportedly eating out with a group of pals when staff at the eatery asked her three time to put out her Marlboro Light because of the smoking ban.

As she received her final warning, Amy stared straight into the waitress' eyes and pushed the burning cigarette end into her own face.

A fellow diner said: "She hardly flinched because she was so high. The whole place was open-mouthed in horror."

The soul diva -- who bagged a whopping five Grammys at last month's prestigious awards -- tried to conceal the wound with foundation — but it has now apparently become infected, causing the swelling on her cheek.

The source added to British newspaper The Sun: "She was so out of it that she didn’t feel the pain — everyone else looked completely stunned.

"The waitress covered her mouth in shock and just walked off to tell the manager. It was a shocking sight."

Amy's rep claimed at the weekend that she was suffering impetigo -- a highly contagious skin disease -- explaining the rash on her left cheek.

By Owen Williams, Mar 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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