Thursday, February 21, 2008

Supernanny helps Brian Wilson’s daughter

SuppernannySupernanny Jo Frost is not picking up 'Good Vibrations' when she is called in to help the daughter of Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson.

The tiny terror tamer comes to the aid of ex-Wilson Phillips singer Wendy Wilson whose two toddler sons and newborn twins are proving too much to handle. And she soon takes control by urging Wendy to 'Hold On' and stop letting her kids run riot at their California home.

Wendy admits her relationship with her superstar dad - who infamously suffered a drug-induced breakdown - has made it hard for her to discipline her own children.

She reveals: "My dad was pretty much absent whether he was home or not, so we were craving normalcy.

"My father when I was growing up wasn't around.

"He wasn't able to parent my sister and I.

"We were allowed to do almost anything we wanted to do as children."

Wendy, who is going back on tour with sister and fellow Wilson Phillips member Carnie, adds: "It was hard for us because we lacked that fatherly love or figure in our lives.

"He is a very elusive person. I think the world got more from Brian Wilson than I did."

She describes her own household as "like a circus" with her kids out of control.

And she pleads with no-nonsense Jo, who has taken her hit UK show across the pond: "Supernanny, we are overwhelmed. Please help us handle our children."

By Iain Burchell, Feb 21 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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