Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Courteney Cox’s husband was jealous of love scene

Courteney CoxActress Courteney Cox says the green-eyed monster got the better of her hubby David Arquette as he watched her shoot a love scene.

Arquette tried to direct the former 'Friends' star in an upcoming episode of her show 'Dirt' but ended up running off set when he watched her kiss her co-star.

In 'Dirt', Courteney plays sexy tabloid editor Lucy Spiller, who isn't afraid to use sex to get a good story. But it was all a bit too much for the star's real life jealous husband.

Cox told Letterman: "It was interesting. David is very awkward; he's a strange bird.

"When he directed me he was great and it was probably one of my favorite episodes but I had to kiss this guy [co-star] Danny Comden.

"David said in the scene, 'You're going to open the fortune cookie and go in for the kiss.

"He said, 'Action!' And I leant over to kiss Danny and I hear, 'Cut!'

"I was like David I didn't and he said 'Sorry, that was my bad - let's do it again.'

"So he goes, 'Action,' and I lean in for the kiss and, 'Cut.'

Cox said she tried explaining to her husband that the scene was just part of the script. She told her husband: "David, Lucy Spiller, my character, she actually makes-out with people, she needs to kiss. It's just what my character does - she's very racy.

The couple then tried to do the scene one more time. "David said 'Ok, sorry.' So then he goes 'Action,' and I went in for the kiss and now we are kissing.

"But now it's getting awkward because we are kissing too long and it's uncomfortable - he's uncomfortable, I'm uncomfortable, it's too much kissing.

"Then I hear, 'Cut.' And it's this high voice."

Cox sad she turned around to see one of the female assistants behind the camera. "David had left - he couldn't take it," she said.

The second series of 'Dirt' premieres in the U.S. next month.

By Eric Munn, Feb 27 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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