Friday, February 29, 2008

Janet Jackson wants to be the opening act for a Jackson Five reunion tour

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson says she'll be the opening act for a Jackson Five reunion tour.

The pop star told Larry King that she has regular conference calls with her brothers and hopes the reunion will happen soon.

Janet said the only Jackson holding out on a comeback tour is Michael

"I would love to do it," Jackson said of her brothers.. "I get my brothers on the phone all the time. I'm the biggest fan of the the Jackson Five.

"I have conference calls all the time pushing them to do a huge tour. I tell them if they did, I would love to open for them."

Janet said she has also been pushing Michael to get back on the stage.

"They would love to, but one of them is on the fence," she said. "You have to respect that. Michael's worked very hard at his solo career. I don't know. Maybe he'll come around.

"I'm still kind of working on him."

Janet was on the Larry King show to promote her new album 'Discipline.'

Her album will have to compete with the 25th anniversary edition of Jacko's 'Thriller' album but Janet said she didn't mind as she's always been a huge fan.

She said: "Good for him. Twenty five years, how fast did that go by?

"I knew I loved it when it first came out.

"He had a great sound system in his car. We would sit in the car and we would listen to the album from front to back. I loved every song I heard."

By Owen Williams, Feb 29 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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