Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amy Winehouse is back on drugs

Amy WinehoueTroubled Amy Winehouse is back on drugs - leaving those close to her fearing she is on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

The 'Rehab' star, 24 - who spent the majority of last month in rehab, has returned to her old habits, after telling shocked friends: "I can't go on."

The singer - whose husband Blake Fielder-Civil is currently locked up in a London prison - is, according to friends, taking cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and booze to dull her emotional pain.

The friends claim that Amy - who bagged an impressive five Grammys at the prestigious awards ceremony earlier this month, ordered a reluctant pal to smuggle drugs into the private London rehab clinic she had checked into on her first night there - and she only managed to stay clean for less than ten days.

The friends also fear that Amy - who is frightened that without drugs she is just a zombie - could seriously harm herself after she deliberately burnt her hand with a lighter last week, while screeching: "My life is a shell of what it was.

"People talk to me and I just zone out. It’s like the whole world is now stillborn. colors aren’t as bright, love doesn’t feel real. I don’t know who I am and I just feel numb."

The pal added to British newspaper The Sun: "We were sat around the table when she held a lighter over her hand and let the flame scar her skin.

"Amy has been up and down in a way she never was before. One minute she’ll be fine, the next she’ll be in a heap on the floor, screaming she can’t go on. She feels that rehab is turning her into some sort of zombie with no emotion."

Another friend added: "On the first night in rehab she begged a friend to take her in some drugs.

"After that she did not take anything for a week to ten days. But that was just about trying to get her to the Grammys. Now we’re back to the dangerous levels of before."

By Owen Williams, Feb 28 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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