Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ricky Hatton likes cheesy karaoke

Ricky HattonRicky Hatton has revealed his one true passion in life - cheesy karaoke.

The tough boxer may love belting opponents in the ring, but he's also obsessed with belting out pop songs on stage. "I love the karaoke, I'm never off it, I've even got a karaoke in my house," he said. "Whenever there's karaoke on, I just go up there and blurt it out."

But although Ricky, 29, woos fans with his uppercuts and right hooks, he hits a bum note on stage. "Ricky Hatton the singer is shocking," he said.

"But I think people are too scared to take the mic off me, they never boo and they never take the mic off me.

"The first one you do you're always nervous but once you get going you're laughing."

And although he admitted he cannot hit high notes, the down to earth fighter said he doesn't care if his performances are embarrassing.

"My friends think it's unusual, I suppose certain people in the spotlight are probably too proud or too vain to make a fool of themselves but I couldn't give two hoots," he revealed on Ricky Hatton: A Life Story.

By Owen Williams, Feb 06 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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