Monday, February 4, 2008

Britney Spears’ new lawyer objects to her father’s control

Britney SpearsBritney Spears' new lawyer is objecting to her father's control - but Jamie's attorney argued that he should remain as her temporary conservator.

"Mr. Spears is here because his daughter is in great distress," attorney Jeryll Cohen told the court. "He's trying to get her better. In the meantime, while she is in great distress, she needs him to watch over her assets."

Cohen said that she has not been able to serve Britney's "manager" Sam Lutfi with a restraining order issued on Friday. "Late last night when we learned of his location, we sent out our process server, but Lutfi refused to answer the door," Cohen told the court.

Cohen said that Lutfi has spoken to Britney on the phone, a violation of the court's orders.

Britney's attorney maintained that Jamie should be removed as co-conservator because his daughter does not trust him.

"She has expressed a very strong desire that her father not be appointed conservator," attorney Adam Streisand insisted. "He has been estranged from her and this is causing her even more stress."

Streisand  - Barbara Streisand's second cousin - said Britney wants the Northern Bank Trust and Howard Grossman, her business manager, to act as conservators.

"Ms. Spears' estate consists of $40 million in assets and is currently undergoing a $17 million IRS audit," Streisand said. "It's a $17 million audit against Jive records," Streisand later told American magazine Us Weekly.

Following his statement, the judge asked Streisand to leave the courtroom. "I think the law should presume she has capacity until proven otherwise," Streisand told Us. "Britney got in touch with me. I can't go into specifics."

"I was referred to her through the Trope and Trope firm," Streisand said.

The court has now been closed to the public while they further discuss Brit's mental state - meaning all press have been asked to leave.

The court will now decide whether or not she should be in control of her own affairs - both financial and medical.

By Owen Williams, Feb 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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