Monday, February 4, 2008

Britney Spears’ dad keeps control over her estate

Britney Spears, Jamie Spears Britney Spears' father has retained control of his daughter's estate  - even though a court heard the singer did not want him to play a part.

Adam Streisand, claiming to be a lawyer for the pop princess, told the judge Britney was estranged from her father Jamie and was 'distressed' at the news he was controlling her affairs.

But a judge ruled that Mr Streisand - a distant cousin of singer Barbra - must prove he has been appointed by Britney before his arguments have been heard in court.

Jamie Spears arrived at LA Superior Court, at 1.30pm on Monday for the conservatorship hearing without ex wife Lynne at his side.

Dressed in a  grey suit, he walked straight to the front of the courtroom under the glare of reporters eyes.

Journalists packed in department nine of the downtown courthouse while others who could not get into the hearing waited anxiously in the corridors outside.

Addressing the court, Jamie's lawyers Vivian Phoreen, said: "Mr Spears is here because his daughter is in great distress.

"He is not here to take over her assets. He wants nothing more than to get her the medical help she needs to get her better and help her get her children back.

"In the meantime, he wants to watch her assets to make sure no-one takes advantage of her."

But Mr Streisand, who claims Britney called him at the weekend to appoint him as her lawyer, said the singer did not want her father playing any part in her affairs.

He told the court: "Clearly Miss Spears has difficulties and she is getting the proper and appropriate care at one of the best hospital in the country.

"She has asked the Northern Trust Bank to be the conservators of her estate.

"She has expressed a very strong desire that her father does not be her conservator.

"They have had an estrangement for a very long time."

But when the public and press were asked to leave the courtroom, so the hearing could continue in private, so was Mr Streisand.

He told reporters he had been 'excused' from proceedings and that a court hearing would have to take place for him to prove he had been appointed by Britney.

After the two hours hearing a court spokesman revealed Jamie Spears still had control of his daughter's estate.

The spokesman said: "The temporary conservatorship has been extended until a hearing on February 14. "A court appointed physician was assigned to evaluate Miss Spears' ability to make decisions.

"He report is due on February 13."

The court spokesman also told reporters the conservatorship order contains 'slightly extended powers'. But he would not reveal what those powers were.

The spokesman also said that the judge had ordered Britney to have no contact by phone, text message or any means, with one time pal Sam Lutfi.

The court was told that a restraining order filed against Lutfi had not yet been served because he would not answer the door.

However, the judge did not give grant the conservators the power to fire Trope and Trope, Brit's divorce lawyers, which they had petitioned for.

Jamie Spears left the courtroom looking distressed, with bloodshot eyes and refused to answer any questions from journalists.

His legal team said they would not be making any comment.

By Joanne Clements, Feb 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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