Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jennifer Lopez ruffles feathers during the birth of her twins

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez's entourage and outlandish diva demands during the birth of her twins rubbed other first-time parents up the wrong way, it has been claimed.

The Latino singer's obsession with getting everything just right meant another recovering mother was booted out of her room, according to US reports.

New mom Cynthia Leon claims she was forced out just hours after giving birth. "I was just thinking how lucky I was  - because the room was so much prettier than the regular rooms – it even had a plasma TV," she said. "Then I find out I'm moving to make way for J-Lo."

The 'Ain't it Funny' star gave birth to twins, Max and Emme, at Long Island's North Shore hospital on February 22.

Meanwhile, a first-time father has claimed his wife could not rest after a 20-hour labor because the Lopez camp was making such a racket.

"They were making so much noise, you would have thought they were the only ones on the floor," said Tom Sheehan of New York. "We're happy for them but my wife could barely get any sleep."

"Following rumors of a kidnap bid, the entire building housing the maternity suite was sealed off by Lopez's security, a source told Star magazine.

"It's the most security I've ever seen."

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