Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jack Nicholson shows his support for Hillary Clinton in YouTube film

Jack NicholsonHillary Clinton has a 'A Few Good Men' behind her - including Jack Nicholson.

The Hollywood star has posted a funny YouTube video full of funny cinematic moments in support of the U.S. democratic presidential candidate.

The mash-up of clips, titled 'Jack and Hill,' begins with Nicholson in his role as The Joker in Batman saying: "And now folks, it's time for who do you trust Hubba, hubba, hubba. Money, money, money. Who do you trust?"

The montage then flicks to 'The Shining' where a frustrated Nicholson talks to the bartender.

"Things could be better, Lloyd. Things could be a whole lot better," Nicholson says.

The last scene of the clips uses one of Nicholson's quotes from A Few Good Men as angry Colonel Nathan Jessep.

He says: "There is nothing on this earth sexier - believe me gentleman - than a woman you have to salute in the morning."

Hollywood director Rob Reiner put the video together on Nicholson's behalf and the actor appears at the end to say: "I'm Jack Nicholson and I endorse this message."

Clinton herself has yet to comment on it.

By Owen Williams, Mar 02 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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