Friday, February 22, 2008

Scarlett Johansson compares herself to a modern-day Marilyn Monroe

Scarlett JohanssonHollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson compared herself to a modern-day Marilyn Monroe - but "hopefully without the tragedy".

The Lost in Translation star spoke about her image on a TV chat show where she appeared with super blonde hair and bright red lipstick. "I think you are the equivalent of a retro modern day pin up girl - it's almost like Marilyn Monroe," interviewer Kelly Ripa said.

After accepting the compliment, Scarlett quipped: "Hopefully without the tragedy."

She continued: "I like to play with my look. Of course I'll never be that 6ft tall, 120 pounds I'm a curvy girl, so I work with it.

"I try to embrace my femininity and encourage girls to put on a little red lipstick and all that stuff. So glamour is not lost!"

Scarlett has just come back from visiting troops in Kuwait, which she called a "life changing, amazing experience - one of the best things I've ever done".

She said it was "nice to just brighten the day there" for troops she met.

Scarlett recently finished her third movie with Woody Allen, and joked that the legendary filmmaker only hires her through "pure convenience because I know what he likes to eat in the morning".

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