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Paris Hilton wishes the media and paparazzi would leave Britney Spears alone

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is a "sweet girl" who wishes the media and paparazzi would leave her friend Britney Spears alone.

The socialite says she agrees with actress Sarah Michelle Gellar who recently said: "I'm tired of the Britney jokes. This is not funny."

In an interview with Parade - a US magazine - that appeared on their web site - Hilton, 26, says: "Yeah, of course I agree.

"It's very sad. And people should just let her get better and leave her alone."

In contrast to the troubled singer, this celebrity says she can handle the pressure of being under the constant media spotlight.

She says: "I handle it really well. I don't let that bother me or let the media or paparazzi take over my life.

"I try not to pay attention to things that are negative."

In the interview the multimillionaire heiress tries to play up her down-to-earth values, revealing that she is not scared of poverty and even enjoys fishing.

She tells Parade that she would even be happy if she were penniless.

Asked if she had to choose between fame and money, which would she pick she said: "I think it would be better just to be rich because then you don't have to deal with anything else.

"You can just have everything you want and not have to deal with the press and people following you.

"But being rich doesn't even matter, either.

"I have both and it doesn't even make any difference. I could be happy if I had nothing. So it's not, it's not really about money to me."

Hollywood's favorite bad girl made the astonishing claim barely a month after her grandfather Barron Hilton gave away 97 per cent of his fortune - worth billions of dollars - to charity.

Instead of getting an expected $100 million upon the 80-year-old hotel founder's death, Paris is now likely to get $5 million - a massive come down.

But denying she is a spoilt, rich diva Hilton says she is a polite young woman who was raised with manners. She says: "That was definitely the way that we were raised by my mum.

"She always taught us to be polite. We had the best manners, so I've kept them."

Hilton says that her mum Kathy also taught Paris and her three siblings to: "Put your shoulders back and don't chew gum."

The socialite says: "My mum has always been really supportive. She's one of my best friends.

"And she's just always told me to stay the same and stay the sweet girl I've always been since I was little and not let any of the Hollywood stuff to get to my head, and you'll leave a good karma."

Rejecting the bad girl label, Hilton who has dabbled in acting and singing says: "Yeah, you know, that's just a stereotype they've come up with - and that's fine - but I'm not a bad girl."

In her new film, The Hottie and the Nottie, Paris plays the title character Cristabelle Abbott, who is blessed with good looks and a best friend who is not so hot.

Hilton says she has experienced being the "nottie" - the one picked on for being different. She says: "Sometimes [it was hard on me], when people would get mean just because my last name is also a famous hotel chain.

"But even then I had my friends, so it never really hurt me."

Dismissing ideas that she feels hot all the time, Paris admits to having her ugly days. "I think we're humans," she says. "All girls feel like a 'nottie' some days - like someone who isn't turning heads. That's just part of living.

"I just get a facial or a massage. Pampering yourself gets you back into 'hottie-ness'."

And for those whom, no matter how hard they try can't look hot, Hilton says they can find something about themselves to feel good about.

"Definitely, I think that's what life is about," she says. "You only live once, and you want to make it as best a life you can have.

"And I feel like, if people are confident and believe in themselves, that they can all be 'hotties'.

"If you're single and you want to go dating and have fun and be young and whatever, just go and get a makeover."

While she apparently excels at being, and giving other people advice on how to be, hot, Hilton is also a graduate from the Hollywood school of hard knocks.

She was publicly embarrassed when ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon made one of their home sex-videos public. But Paris has learned her lesson; she is less trusting of others.

She says: "You have to be in this town. I've very wary of people.

"I only surround myself with my really close friends and people I've known a long time and people I know love me and know the real me.

"You know, I'm a really good judge of character, so when people are around that shouldn't be there I usually will know right away.

"I know how to make the right choices."

Still, she admits that she is not good at confronting those people she finds fault with. Hilton says: "I'm not a confronter at all.

"That's something I need to work on. I'm actually very shy when it comes to that. I've never been someone who loves confrontation at all."

In the meantime Hilton reveals a few little-known facts about her personal life. "I'm really good at ice hockey," she says. "I've been playing since 10th grade, and people don't know that I play defence in hockey.

"I like to check people, push people down.

"And I love fishing. I like to catch them, but I don't eat them. I just put them right back, because I feel bad for them."

As far as the future goes, Hilton is looking forward to appearing in The L Word - the US TV series about lesbians.

She says: "I have no idea what kind of character I'll be playing but it's a good show."

And while people have made fun of her oft-said catchphrase 'that's hot', Paris has no intention of giving it up.

"No, I still say it," she reveals. "Not as much as I used to but I say it sometimes. It's kind of a habit."

By Marissa Charles, Feb 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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