Monday, February 4, 2008

Lily Allen’s brother confronts her ex-boyfriend

Alfie AllenLily Allen's plucky little brother Alfie stormed round to Ed Simons' house over the weekend - after he dumped his big sister.

But it reportedly got messy - and little Alfie was hauled away by his girlfriend Jaime Winstone, 22.

"Alfie is very protective of his big sister and wants to knock Ed’s head off his shoulders," a source said.

"Lily has just suffered the upset of a miscarriage and now Ed has ended their relationship and she is really struggling to deal with the heartbreak.

"Alfie talked with her after she’d met up with Ed again and got it into his head his sister was being messed around.

“On Friday night, he decided he needed to have a word with him and tracked him down to a pal’s house in north London.

"It was the early hours of the morning and he wasn’t let in so he just screamed that he wanted a word with him and that he should know why.

"But he was dragged away by Jaime. She was heard telling him to 'just leave it'."

Eyebrows were raised when Lily fell for an older man; Ed's 37; Lily's 22 - but her pregnancy seemed to herald an end to her wildchild ways.

The source added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "He [Alfie] wanted to bring Ed to account."

By Owen Williams, Feb 04 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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