Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jennifer Garner’s red carpet interview gatecrashed by Gary Busey

Jennifer GarnerMovie beauty Jennifer Garner looked like she wanted to call security when oddball actor Gary Busey gatecrashed her red carpet interview.

The 'Juno' actress was shocked when weirdo Busey rudely interrupted her interview and planted a kiss on her neck.

Jennifer and Best Actress nominee Laura Linney were being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest before Busey butted in. He yelled: "Hey Seacrest, I've been looking for you for years."

Then he grabbed Laura and kissed her on the cheek before turning his attentions to Jennifer, even though he seemed not to know her. When alarmed Seacrest asked him: "Do you know Jennifer Garner?" he said: "Who?"

Then he got hold of Jennifer and stuck a smacker on her neck.

Gobsmacked Jennifer said to Seacrest: "You're not going to ask me about being kissed on the neck on the red carpet by this man?"

When he asked her where husband Ben Affleck was, she replied: "I don't know but we need him quickly."

Seacrest did his best to get rid of Busey, telling him: "I will see you later, I'll see you at that party."

And once Busey had finally moved on, he told the cameras: "I have no idea how to explain what is happening on this red carpet right now."

Jennifer also joked Ben is planning to make a late entry into the battle to be President of the United States. She said: 'He's actually going into the Presidential race."

By Iain Burchell, Feb 25 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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