Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dennis Quaid shows off baby pictures

Dennis QuaidProud dad Dennis Quaid has showed off the latest pictures of the twin babies he almost lost to a hospital blunder.

The 'Vantage Point' actor pulled out his mobile phone to share the snaps of three-month-old Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace with chatshow host David Letterman and his audience.

He told how the pair have made an amazing recovery after being accidentally given an overdose of a blood thinning drug when they were just two weeks old.

Quaid - who accidentally pulled up a picture of his pet dog first - joked about Thomas: "He's got his gang thing going on already."

He said: "They just discovered each other like three days ago.

"It was a great epiphany for them. Up until then they didn't recognize anybody else.

"Now they are just eyeing each other."

Quaid added: "She's a little princess and sleeps through the night.

"He makes every sound known to man."

The star also told of his relief that the twins pulled through their overdose scare, which left them fighting for their lives.

He said: "Things went very wrong for a couple of weeks with them but we had a very happy ending.

"They turned out to be tough old critters."

By Iain Burchell, Feb 19 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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