Monday, February 4, 2008

Britney Spears’ pal Sam Lutfi violates restraining order

Britney SpearsThe 'manager' of pop wreck Britney Spears has already violated the restraining order against him by allegedly phoning the singer over the weekend, a court has been told.

Sam Lutfi was ordered to stay away from the singer and have no contact with her for 22 days.

But lawyers have told an Los Angeles court that he has been calling Britney - and has also been refusing to open the door to accept the restraining order issued against him.

Lawyers trying to serve Sam Lutfi with the order that was granted last Friday have revealed he will not open the door to servers or take the order.

A Los Angeles judge granted the 22 day restraining order against Lutfi after Britney's parents Jamie and Lynne Spears applied to keep him away from their sick daughter, who is currently being treated at the psych ward at UCLA hospital.

But in a second hearing currently being held into the conservatorship over Britney's affairs, lawyers have told Commissioner Reva Goetz that not only has Lutfi refused to accept the order which prohibits him from having any contact with the singer but that he also spoke to her on the phone yesterday (SUN) which would be a direct violation of the order.

This is just one of a number of issues being discussed in Department 9 of the Los Angeles Superior Court house today.

Spears' parents are back in court because dad Jamie and independent lawyer Andrew Wallet were only granted a temporary conservatorship last Friday.

They are now arguing that the pair should be given permanent convernatorship until Britney is treated and can at least make decisions on her own.

However Britney's newly appointed lawyer Adam Streisand - Barbara Streisand's second cousin - is asking the court to remove Jamie Spears as co-conservator of Britney's estate.

Streisand told the court that Britney's estate is worth $40 million and also revealed that the singer is in the middle of a $17 million IRS audit and she has 15 different businesses._

Streisand then asked that the Commissioner name Northern Trust Bank and Howard Grossman, Brit's business manager, as conservators.

However the Commissioner does not seem convinced that Streisand was properly retained by Britney.

The court's official investigator, Sam Ingham, had a 15-minute meeting with Britney yesterday at the UCLA medical center.

He told the court: "I've concluded she [Britney] does not understand these proceedings nor does she understand the impact of these proceedings on her rights."

"Britney lacks the capacity to retain information."

The court has now been closed to the public while they further discuss Brit's mental state - meaning all press have been asked to leave.

The court will now decide whether or not she should be in control of her own affairs - both financial and medical.

By Owen Williams, Feb 04 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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