Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amy Winehouse wants to quit London and move to the countryside

Amy WinehouseGrammy Award winner Amy Winehouse wants to quit London for good - and move to an area in the quaint British countryside dubbed 'Britain’s Beverly Hills'.

The singer, 24, is refusing to return to her east-London flat, the scene of her now infamous crack smoking video, and wants to buy a house in Buckinghamshire - an area boasting some of the most expensive homes in Britain.

A source close to the singer - who's currently living in a London hotel, revealed: "That flat holds too many bad memories for Amy. It’s where she was filmed smoking crack and she wants to put that behind her.

"She has been staying at the hotel planning what to do. She considered returning to her old haunts in Camden for a while, then moving in with Kelly Osbourne in her North London pad. But now she wants to move out of London and buy a house in the country.

"There is so much attention on her in London and it’s all getting a bit much. She enjoyed it at first but she needs some space. She doesn’t feel she can go out any more without the eyes of the city on her.

"And hopefully a move from London will also be a move away from temptation."

By Owen Williams, Feb 23 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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