Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paul McCartney to play a concert with son James

Paul McCartneySir Paul McCartney is set to play a concert with his son James.

The Beatles legend has teamed up with the 30-year-old guitarist on his debut album - which is due out later this year - and the father-son pair now plan to try out their new material live.

A source said: "The word is James wants to try out some of the songs on stage in the near future and it's understood that Paul will be performing with him."

However, any fans hoping for a big concert will be sorely disappointed, as James - whose mother was Paul's late first wife Linda McCartney - wants to avoid attention.

The source added: "James won't want a big fuss as he's not someone who seeks the limelight, so it will inevitably be very low-key. But Paul is not a bad backing musician to have under the circumstances."

It will not be the first time the pair have played live together.

In 2005, James - who co-wrote 'Heaven on a Sunday', 'Back In The Sunshine Again' and 'Spinning On An Axis' for Paul's solo albums - accompanied his father during his recent US tour.

James also played lead guitar on his mother's posthumously released solo album 'Wide Prairie'.

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