Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paul McCartney on Brit Award: “I don’t know why they give me things”

Paul McCartneyTonight, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney is to be presented with the Outstanding Contribution To Music award at the Brit Awards by Kylie Minogue - but Paul's attitude, is as ever, fairly laid back.

"I don't know why they give me things — I wouldn’t give me any," said Paul.

"It’s actually not a lifetime achievement. I try to avoid those because it feels like you’re going to die the next second.

"It’s great, it’s good to get any award, any time, any place, anywhere. Cinzano."

The multi-millionaire has had a rough couple of weeks - mainly, due to his High Court divorce battle with estranged wife Heather Mills, but he remains in high spirits as the world prepares to recognize his contribution to the world of music.

65-year-old Paul also spoke of his joy that pal Ozzy Osbourne is presenting tonight's ceremony. "I haven’t spoken to Ozzy. I’ve seen him through the years and knew he was a big fan," he said.

"I love it because I think he’s cool. And Sharon, too. We’re like old mates, really. I'll take any fan I can get - but especially Ozzy."

Despite recently hinting that he might strip-off at the London ceremony, Paul, 65, revealed that he has no special plans for the event — and ruled out a duet with Grammy Award winning singer Amy Winehouse. "I’m not sure the audience likes duets as much as you just doing one of your hits.

"I think if I was watching the Rolling Stones, seeing Mick [Jagger] duet with Amy, it would be kind of interesting but I’d probably rather he did Satisfaction."

And this year's nominees appeal to Paul, too.

He added: "I think Leona [Lewis] is a great singer. Mika makes great records.

"And Take That have just done a really good record.

"I like whatever’s good. Like Radiohed are really cool.

"The Arctic Monkey are good. I like the Kaiser Chiefs. Amy sings great."

And playing down his own, critically acclaimed back-catalog, Paul added to Britain's Radio 1: "I think The Beatles did so much good stuff and it’s great because I don’t have to be modest because it’s done.

"I think Hey Jude was a cool record — there’s so many, Come Together, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Here Comes The Sun, Lady Madonna.

"And then, from my solo stuff, I’ve been very lucky and made one or two good records.

"I’m still amazed to be doing it and to have people buying records, coming to concerts, apparently liking it.

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