Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Madonna does jury duty

MadonnaMadonna showed she was a real Material Girl - when she showed up for jury duty and had a wardrobe change at lunch.

The 49-year-old singer nipped home for food and swapped a brown velour tracksuit for black trousers, a black jacket and white trainers. "It was more like a fashion show than a courtroom," one onlooker said.

Madge, who threw an Oscars party on Sunday, arrived at court in Beverly Hills on Monday morning after being called up for jury duty.

The Like a Prayer star went through the regular security checks - having her bag scanned and walking through a metal detector - before heading for the jurors' room on the second floor.

Eyewitnesses said the singer, dressed in a Juicy Couture tracksuit, sunglasses and trainers, later waited in the hallway to be called into court, alongside the other members of the public.

Madonna was sporting a red juror's badge, sipping on a Starbucks coffee and texting on a red mobile phone. At 12.30pm she slipped out for lunch - and a change of clothes. The singer arrived back at the courthouse an hour later, all dressed in black with another Starbucks cup.

"Madonna seemed to be trying hard to blend into the background," one onlooker said. "But there were scores of photographers and video guys outside with their noses pressed to the windows of the court building.

"She kept her head down as she got in the elevator. She didn't seem too impressed by all the attention."

Madonna headed back for the jurors' room, but was in there less than an hour before being excused. "She wasn't picked to be on a jury and has been officially dismissed," a court spokeswoman said. "There was only one jury panel picked this morning, for a DUI case, and she wasn't on it.

"That's her done with jury duty. She won't be called back for the rest of the year."

Three uniformed deputies escorted Madge out of the jurors' room through a back door and down to the car park in the judge's lift.

By Joanne Clements, Feb 26 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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