Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kevin Federline prepared to let Britney Spears spend time with their children

Britney SpearsKevin Federline is prepared to let his ex, pop wreck Britney Spears, spend time with their children, it has been revealed.

Britney was banned from seeing her own sons Sean Preston and Jayden James after she was rushed to hospital last month following a late night stand off with cops.

Since then she has not had any visitation rights with the toddlers and has only spoken to them on the phone.

But since her father Jamie Spears took over conservatorship and regained control of her life from her 'manager' Sam Lutfi, Spears finally seems to getting her act together.

So now K-Fed is prepared to let the singer spend time with the kids - if a court agrees.

Lawyers for the couple are currently in a Los Angeles courtroom - along with Jamie Spears - trying to convince a judge to let Britney see the children in a controlled environment.

K-Fed is happy to hand the kids over for monitored visits - so long as Britnety's parents Jamie and mum Lynne are present along with a court appointed monitor.

Jamie is in court to support K-Fed and tell the judge how Britney is slowly getting her life back on track but how she still needs help.

There is talk of the Toxic singer entering a private facility of some kind, following on from her recent hospital stay.

And K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan is believed to have told the judge that he is happy for their sons to visit her in a place like that too.

A source said: "K-Fed has no problem allowing the kids to visit Brit at her home, with one string attached - that Brit's parents are present during the visits.

"K-Fed isn't worried that anything bad would happen to the kids, his biggest concern is that Britney might drive with them, but Jamie would be there to put the kibosh on that.

"K-Fed doesn't want custody 100% of the time - it's just too much but he'd like Britney to share custody or at least visitation."

Also being decided in the court case this morning is a new lawyer being appointed on behalf of Britney.

Her current attorneys from the firm Trope & Trope want out and have asked a judge to release them so now legal powerhouse Stacy Phillips has stepped in.

Phillips, who previously represented singer Bobby Brown in his divorce from Whitney Houston, is currently in the courtroom with the blessing of Jamie Spears.

The hearing is currently being held behind closed doors at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

By Joanne Clements, Feb 19 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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