Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears parties with pals while Lynn looks after Britney

Jamie Lynn SpearsPregnant Jamie Lynn Spears took the opportunity to throw a party for friends while mom Lynne was away looking after her troubled sister Britney Spears, it has been revealed.

According to reports from America's Star Magazine, Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend Casey Aldridge - the teen the 'Zoey 101 star has identified as the father of her child, invited a group of friends round to the Spears compound in Kentwood, Los Angeles. for the Super Bowl.

At least five college age students with Ole Miss and Delta Delta Delta decals on their Jeep turned up to join the fun."They were all laughing. They looked really happy and excited to be at the house, like they hadn't seen Jamie Lynn in a while," says one witness.

Earlier in the day, the 16-year-old mom-to-be drove with Casey to a Wal-Mart in McComb, Miss. bypassing a closer one in Amite, La.

Why? No-one knows for sure, but the McComb store sells alcohol on Sundays, while the one in Amite does not.

Jamie Lynn recently splashed out on a second-hand truck for her beau - so he'll be able to drive her and their baby around in style.

The pair were recently spotted shopping for used vehicles on a lot in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Aldridge drove off in a white Nissan truck with a trailer hitch, according to Life & Style magazine.

Car salesman Mitch Savery said earlier this week, "Their main concern was having a safe car with power. They were planning on using it for fishing trips".

By Owen Williams, Feb 06 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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