Monday, February 25, 2008

Ellen Page: “I’m a crazy sleeper”

Ellen PageStarlet Ellen Page has revealed it is sleepwalking rather than her sudden rise to fame that keeps her up at night.

The Juno actress, 21, told how she struggles to get a decent night's sleep because of her condition.

She said: "I'm a crazy sleeper. I sleepwalk and hallucinate at night. I really do."

And she warned journalist Barbara Walters there could soon be stories of "Ellen Page, naked, yelling 'There are bugs everywhere'.

Ellen, interviewed for Walters' Oscar night TV special, also admitted she still doesn't feel comfortable mixing with Hollywood's biggest names.

The Oscar nominee confessed it was "weird" for her to be up for Best Actress alongside such A-listers as Cate Blanchett. But she insists she is not the angst-ridden, anti-Hollywood kid some have portrayed her as. And she told Walters she only got her break in acting because she looked like a "poor kid".

Ellen confessed: "I feel weird even being nominated with people I truly have so much respect for."

She said she was never really interested in movie stars before a talent scout spotted her aged 10 and cast her in the film 'Pit Pony'.

The starlet said: "I wouldn't even have known who any actors where, except for Julia Roberts or the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

"I think it was more like they thought, 'You're short and you have got brown hair.

"You look like a poor kid in a mining town at the turn of the century."

Ellen believes the biggest misconception about her is that she is "anti-Hollywood" and "angsty" but told Walters: "I'm really not that dark a person."

She feels "really bad" and compassion for young stars who are tempted by drugs. And she would like to see the critics who attack them swap positions to realize what it feels like to be judged.

By Iain Burchell, Feb 25 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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