Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Christina Aguilera gives first interview since giving birth

Christina AguileraNew mum Christina Aguilera has given her first interview since giving birth - admitting she is going "stir-crazy" looking after her "stinky" son.

Christina gave a radio interview shortly before her first planned public appearance - less than THREE WEEKS after giving birth.

She gushed about her "so incredible" son Max Liron Bratman and said that she is already writing a new album inspired by having him.

And she admitted that they threw a party for when he was circumcised - and decked out the room with penis-shaped balloons!

Despite the amazing changes in her life, Christina also said she was itching to get back to recording and performing. "I'm so going stir-crazy in the house," she admitted. "This will be my first outing into the world."

She sad Max was "doing amazing". "He's so incredible, it's an unbelievable thing," she said.

"It's still the first couple of weeks, every week something new happens.

"It's constant changing and he's constantly changing and doing these incredibly cute things - and stinky things."

She says another new thing for her is living with Jewish traditions with husband Jordan Bratman - including Max getting circumcised at his bris. "He did have a bris," Christina said on Ryan Seacrest's radio show in L.A."It was a very sweet experience. We had close friends over to experience the bris with us.

"We're such a non-conventional couple we had penis balloons everywhere celebrating."

She admits to being lucky compared to many other new parents. "I've a lot of great help around me. My mother-in-law gives a lot of great advice," she said.
She also admitted Jordan is much more organized than her. "My husband is the person who has all the questions [for the doctors], I'll forget half of them by the time we get in there. He's really good at staying on top of all the doctors' stuff."

She said that even this soon after the birth, Max has inspired her upcoming album. "I'm so inspired," she said."This whole incredible thing that's taken part in my life, between the pregnancy and the birth, I've got so much to be inspired about and so much in my life to write about.

"I've been brain-storming for the last nine months, actually.

"This next album will have a whole new me, so there's a lot to look forward to."

Christina also admitted that her friend Paris Hilton announced to the world that she was expecting before she ever wanted.

Paris announced it at a Hollywood club - with Christina and her friends left shocked because no one was supposed to confirm it.

Christina said: "People thought I was trying to keep it this big bad secret for so long. But really I just didn't walk to address it at all. It really wasn't this big sort of deal.

"Paris did kind of jump the gun a little on it, so she became the official announcer at a club appearance.

"It was funny. I laughed about it. I was a group of friends ad we all looked at each other a little surprised but we laughed it off.

"It was actually cute, she did it in a very sweet way so it wasn't in a kind of tattle-on-you kind of thing."
Her first interview was to promote a new live DVD.

She says she finds it strange watching the shows as she was already three months pregnant. "It's so weir to watch the DVD back and know that I was pregnant with this little guy," she said.

By Owen Williams, Feb 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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