Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Britney Spears’ mom on daughter’s career: “Was all this worth it?”

Britney SpearsThe heartbroken mum of troubled Britney Spears has asked of her daughter's career: "Was all this worth it?"

Friends of devastated Lynne Spears appeared on U.S. TV last night to defend her parenting skills.

"She's portrayed as a bad mother, a mother that doesn't care, a mother interested in money," friend Joy Moore told U.S. show Access Hollywood.

"She saw great talent in Britney and she had these huge, big dreams and I think she looks back now and she wonders, you know, 'Was all this worth it?'"

In an exclusive interview those closest to Britney's mother revealed what Lynne's biggest fears are for her troubled daughter - currently under 24-hour observation in a Los Angeles psychiatric ward.

"The woman Lynne deals with now is not the daughter that left here six or seven years ago," said Moore.

"Whether that's a mental thing, despair, depression, I don't know. And Lynne's not sure either, but she wants someone to find out and she wants someone to get her daughter back."

According to the family insiders Lynne feels hopeful about finding an effective treatment after Britney's second involuntary commitment

"Lynne said, 'She's not doing well,' and she said, 'I just don't know what's going to happen,'" insider Kelly Milton said.

"She just asked me to pray for her."

Lynne has been estranged from her daughter for months and felt powerless not being able to get Britney into treatment sooner, said friend Joy Moore.

"They've tried interventions and they've tried to seek outside assistance from different facilities," Joy explained.

"Her hope has been for a long time that Britney would get the help that she needs and it's hard when your hands are tied and it's an adult and she doesn't want help. You know, I mean, Lynne's hands have been tied."

Britney's mother believes that Friday's decision by the courts to grant temporary control of Britney's assets to her father, Jamie Spears, is a positive one.

He has filed a temporary restraining order against her ever-present friend, Sam Lutfi, and Britney's paparazzi boy toy, Adnan Ghalib, could be next.

"The people Britney is involved with, they each have their own little stake in it, you know," Joy said.

"I don't think any of them care what happens to Britney ultimately. I think it's, 'What am I going to get out of this?'

"And most of those people want to keep her from her mother because they feel like her mother might intervene and mess this little plan up. If Britney's thinking clearly, I might not get my piece."

By Owen Williams, Feb 05 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

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